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Jon Stewart Mocks The Life Cycle Of The Candidate Gaffe (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart Mocks The Life Cycle Of The Candidate Gaffe (VIDEO)

On Monday night’s edition of The Daily Show, Jon Stewart dedicated the opening segment of his show to examining the gaffes committed on both sides of the campaign trail.

Using The Lion King theme music ‘The Circle of Life’ Stewart humorously pointed out how gaffes live on and die only to be replaced by yet another gaffe.

“In today’s modern world, an exploding gaffe population forces each individual gaffe to fight desperately for dwindling resources,” Stewart said, after which was followed by Lion King music.

He then featured President Obama’s gaffe of describing that the private sector is doing fine.

“And within minutes, the gaffe is being nurtured and fed in the hope that it will one day become a mature talking point,” Stewart continued as he followed the growth of the gaffe until it had become a full fledged political ad. President Obama then walked back the gaffe and it was over. But not for the political pundits who were shown discussing the blunder across the media juggernaut.

Stewart then introduced us to a newly born gaffe committed by Mitt Romney as he was criticizing Obama’s own gaffe.

“And as that gaffe is set ablaze and pushed into a fjord, another gaffe conceived during the speech attacking Obama’s original gaffe, is born.”

Cue ‘The Circle of Life’ music followed by a hilarious mocking of Romney by Stewart.

Here are the videos:

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