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Jon Stewart Blasts The Right’s ‘Deliberate Misrepresentation’ Of Obama’s Position

President Obama created a “new kind of gaffe” recently when he told the truth on purpose, Jon Stewart said on Wednesday. Referring to large-scale infrastructure projects like roads and bridges, Obama recycled a line he has used often on the stump but with a slight variation: “If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.”

You’d have to be a real “shyster” to take that out of context, Stewart said. “I wonder which way the conservative pundits went with it.”

The line has become a full-fledged talking point of the Romney campaign, appearing in ads and fundraising pleas.

We all love gaffes, Stewart said. But this goes beyond the typical fun of a single news cycle. “This ain’t a gaffe, and Romney’s not having a little fun with it,” Stewart said. “This deliberate misstating and misrepresentation of Obama’s position is now the centerpiece of Romney’s entire campaign.”

Watch the video:

Source: TPM


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