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Boycott Wendy’s And Taco Bell – SAY NO TO FATTENING FOOD – Wendy’s, Taco Bell Franchises Are Latest To Cut Employee Hours, Blaming Obamacare

Two more fast food franchises are cutting worker hours in order to avoid paying for Obamacare-mandated employee health care.
According to local Nebraska NBC affiliate WOWT, around 100 Wendy’s employees in the Omaha area are going to see their hours reduced to 28 hours a week, meaning they will no longer qualify for the health care benefits which Obamacare mandates for full-time employees. A Taco Bell in Guthrie, Oklahoma has reportedly adopted a similar policy.
Other restaurant chains have tried to dodge Obamacare costs, with mixed results. After a Florida Denny’s franchise added a 5% “Obamacare surcharge” to customers’ checks, the CEO of Denny’s publicly reprimanded the franchise’s owner. Darden Restaurants—the owner of Olive Garden and Red Lobster—is evidently still going forward with its own experiment in reducing Obamacare costs, though the company was forced to “clarify” its position following a public backlash and subsequent drop in earnings.
It remains to be seen whether a similar fate will befall Nebraska Wendy’s restaurants. What is known is that the industry-wide shift to part-time labor has very little to do with the Affordable Care Act, and is likely to proceed apace regardless of developments in the nation’s health care infrastructure.



Keep reading if you want to know why fast food its bad for you


Boycott Wendys and Taco Bell! Say No To Fattening Food!! - Wendy's Franchisee Slashes Employee Hours To Sidestep Obamacare

Caloric Value

A fast-food double hamburger with condiments provides 576 calories, which is similar to the 570 calories in a large fast-food taco, while a 6-inch tuna salad sandwich provides 583 calories. To make it a meal, add 530 calories from a large order of fries and 137 calories from a carbonated cola beverage. This fast-food meal provides about 1,200 calories, which is more than half of the 2,000 calories most of us need on a daily basis. Frequent intake of fast foods can quickly add up to large amounts of excess calories, which the body stores as fat.

Weight Gain

A study reported in the “Journal of the American College of Nutrition” found that in addition to higher calorie intake, people who ate fast food had a higher consumption of total fat, carbohydrates, added sugar and protein when compared with those who did not eat fast food. They also consumed fewer fruits and less milk, which decreased the amount of vitamin A, carotene, vitamin C, calcium and magnesium present in their diets. The authors state that regular consumption of fast-food meals may lead to weight gain.


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Boycott Wendy's And Taco Bell - SAY NO TO FATTENING FOOD - Wendy’s, Taco Bell Franchises Are Latest To Cut Employee Hours, Blaming Obamacare

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