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Dennis Kucinich Debuts As A Fox News Contributor

Dennis Kucinich made his debut as a Fox News contributor on Thursday night, with host Bill O’Reilly calling the former Democratic representative the “same left-wing nut we know and love” from his years in Congress.

Kucinich — who had teased his new gig by writing on Twitter earlier Thursday that he was a “rooster in Fox lair” — made his first appearance as a contributor with Fox on “The O’Reilly Factor.” Before Kucinich went on-air to discuss gun control, Reilly joked that he was introducing “another wild conservative guy” as the network’s newest addition.

“Wow, what a conversion — congressman how did that happen? You know all the people on Fox News are far right, crazy people,” O’Reilly said when Kucinich appeared on screen.

Kucinich, however, shut down the chit-chat about his new role quickly, replying, “Well, you know, together again at last, Bill. I appreciate a chance to be on with you and I’ve always enjoyed our exchanges, and let’s go forward.”

“So you’re the same left-wing nut we know and love from the Congress, right?” O’Reilly said.


Source: Politico

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