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Murder Suspect Chris Dorner Sent Anderson Cooper Package Including Bullet-Riddled Coin, Note

Former LAPD officer Chris Dorner — accused of killing a young couple and firing at police officers — apparently sent a parcel to CNN host Anderson Cooper at his office. As the manhunt for Dorner continues, Cooper shared information about the package he received on his show Thursday night.

The package included a DVD, a bullet-riddled LAPD souvenir coin, and a note that read, in part, “I never lied.” The coin was wrapped in duct tape, with the handwritten words, “Thanks but no thanks, Will Bratton” (Bratton was LAPD chief until 2009) — and the coin was inscribed with what they previously believed to say “IMOA” (for “Imagine a More Open America”). Upon closer examination, Cooper said it looked more like “1 MOA,” for “1 Minute of Arc,” a marksmanship term.

“The DVD shows testimony by a man who says he was kicked by an LAPD officer, according to Dorner, confirming his story — the story he says got him kicked off the force initially,” Cooper informed.

Cooper said the package was received on February 1, but he only learned about it on Thursday. In his manifesto, Dorner included Cooper in his list of media personalities who should “keep up the good work.”

Bratton joined Cooper on his show, and told him that chances are he’d given Dorner the coin. “I don’t recall him,” Bratton said.

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