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Rush Limbaugh: Super Bowl Patriotism Must Have Been ‘Tearing Liberals Apart’

Rush Limbaugh
shared his reaction to last night’s Super Bowl this afternoon by analyzing the patriotic kick-off show and imagining how liberals responded to it.

Limbaugh began by slamming Alicia Keys‘ “funeral dirge” version of “The Star-Spangled Banner”; as we noted here last night, the longest rendition in Super Bowl history. But while he wasn’t thrilled with Keys’ performance, the point he proceeded to make was that the opening celebration was so overtly “patriotic” that it must be “tearing some liberal apart.” Between the national anthem and Jennifer Hudson‘s performance of “America The Beautiful” with the Sandy Hook Elementary Choir, it must have been “ripping them to shreds.”

“This much patriotism?” Limbaugh asked. “This much honoring America? Just play the game, I can imagine them saying.”

As “proof” that last night’s proceedings made liberals “nervous” and “queasy,” Limbaugh pointed to a recent Washington Post opinion column titled, “When we cheer for our team, do we have to cheer for America, too?” After reading more or less the entire article on air, Limbaugh concluded that this one author’s opinions must represent all of liberal America.

With a record 71% of televisions in American tuned into the game last night, the patriotic displays apparently didn’t turn off liberals enough to make them turn off their TV’s.

Listen to audio below:

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