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Ed Asner Hospitalized

Ed Asner Hospitalized

Ed Asner Hospitalized

Ed Asner, 83, began struggling with his lines during his one-man show, FDR, on Tuesday night and walked off the stage at the Marquette Pavilion in Gary, Ind., with paramedics at his side.

The Daily Mail says he was confused and disoriented. The Sun-Times reports he was having difficulty speaking. In the 911 call, he is described as “sweating profusely.” But one audience member says he was well enough to apologize and promised to return when he could.

His rep, Charles Sherman, told AP he was taken by ambulance to a Chicago-area hospital where he is “resting comfortably.”

Asner, known for his roles in TV’s The Mary Tyler Moore Show and spinoff Lou Grant has been touring the country portraying President Franklin Delano Roosevelt in FDR for more than three years.

Source: USA Today

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