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Mark Levin Goes Off Again On MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough: ‘The Biggest Idiot Of Them All’

On his radio show Tuesday evening, Mark Levin continued his streak of ripping into MSNBC host Joe Scarborough, after the right-leaning Morning Joe host suggested that gun advocates effectively put rapists’ rights before parents’ rights.

“They tell you who your enemies are,” Levin said of the media. “And in every damn case, it’s people who’ve gotten together — voluntarily gotten together — to defend their liberty, like the National Rifle Association or the Gun Owners of America. Or any other group that stands up and says ‘Wait a minute, there’s a Second Amendment.’ They’re degraded as extremists.”

He then went off on Scarborough: “On MSNBC, the biggest idiot of them all, Joe Scarborough, says they put rapists — rapists! — up on a pedestal or some such thing.”

“Ignorant, obnoxious, pathetic!” he said. “One liberty after another, one firewall after another, ’til one day we look around and say what the hell’s going on?”

Levin, the fourth most-listened-to radio host, has been at odds with the former Republican congressman-turned-MSNBC host in recent months, calling Scarborough a “marble-mouthed buffoon” and a “pathetic troll.”

Listen below:

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