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Gawker Claims To Have Seen Video Of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Using Crack Cocaine Pipe

Gawker claims to have seen video of Rob Ford using crack cocaine pipe

A published report says a video that appears to show Toronto mayor Rob Ford smoking crack cocaine is being shopped around by a group of men allegedly involved in the drug trade.

There was no way to verify the video, however, which was the subject of a report on Gawker on Thursday and then became the subject of numerous stories.

The Toronto Star said two of its reporters watched the video and said it appears to show Ford in a room, sitting in a chair, inhaling from what appears to be a glass crack pipe.

A story on the Star website Friday also alleges Ford makes several disparaging and crude remarks about Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau and the high school football team he coaches.

A lawyer retained by Ford, Dennis Morris, told the newspaper that Thursday’s publication by the Gawker website of some details related to the video was “false and defamatory.”


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