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‘Losing Election After Election’: Scarborough Chides ‘Republican Brethren’ For Ignoring His Advice

Joe Scarborough noticed a New York Times article about how the GOP is strategizing to take on President Obama in the upcoming midterm elections. He shared the story with Morning Joe viewers, and took the opportunity to note that Republicans haven’t been heeding his advice — and thus keep losing elections.

In making his Very Important Point, Scarborough recalled that “we overreached in 1998.”

“This is very important for my Republican brethren,” he prefaced. “You don’t have to listen to me. God knows you haven’t — and you’ve lost election after election after election. You want to keep losing, you go ahead and do that if you’re comfortable with it. Apparently you are.”

Back to his point about 1998, he argued that the GOP made the midterms about Bill Clinton and “ended up getting thrashed.”

Yes, Obama’s poll numbers are “upside down” in light of the various controversies facing the administration, he added, but “he remains an extraordinarily popular person with the American people. And if the Republican Party thinks they’re going to expand their base by attacking Barack Obama, they’ve going to be mistaken. That’s not how you do it.”

The segment ended with a mention of the Romneys (who’ve been in the news recently — Ann Romney even took on the scandals on CBS yesterday) and jokes about car elevators. Because what could be an easier target?

Take a look, via MSNBC:


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