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Kimmel Kaos: Jimmy Kimmel AKA HITLER According To China

kimmel kaos

What started out a simple TV joke has got bigger, much bigger; and the Jimmy Kimmel issue has now spiraled out of control. It seems that the network’s apology, Kimmel’s apology, attempts to embarrass and harass him and the seemingly endless protests are not enough; this is now an issue only fit for the White House!
Over 100,000 angry citizens have demanded that their petition, demanding Kimmel’s show be axed, be approved by the White House.
Kimmel’s TV skit, which saw a young child suggesting that Chinese people be killed, has sparked the largest Chinese protest in US history, in New York. It saw Chinese Americans take to the streets en masse, holding up signs urging the TV network to “Fire Kimmel” and saying “Killing is not a joke”.

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