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ROB FORD: THIS IS WAR: ‘You Guys Have Just Attacked Kuwait’

Watch Rob Ford declare war to the city council:

Toronto’s embattled mayor Rob Ford tore into the city council on Monday night as the city continues to strip him of his powers following Ford admitting to repeatedly smoking crack cocaine. Ford blasted the city council, saying that they had acted like Saddam Hussein’s Iraq and had declared war on him by figuratively attacking his Kuwait.

“This, folks, reminds me of when, when I was watching with my brother, when Saddam attacked Kuwait,” Ford began. “And President [George H. W.] Bush said, ‘I warn you, I warn you, I warn you, do not.'”

“Well, folks, if you think American-style politics is nasty, you guys have just attacked Kuwait,” Ford continued to the laughs of the city council. “Mark my words, this is going to be outright war in the next election.”

“What you’re doing to me is kicking me out of my office, and it’s the worst thing you can do,” Ford concluded while he was repeatedly told his time to speak was up. “And it is absolutely the worst thing you can do for democracy and the city of Toronto. What goes around comes around, friends.”



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