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The Dirt on Chris Christie Romney Learnt During the 2012 Campaign – Potential Land Mines

When Mitt Romney went searching for a vice presidential running mate last year, he and his team gave New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) a good long look. Two times.

The details surfaced in “Double Down,” a book about the 2012 campaign due to hit bookshelves Tuesday. In their account, authors Mark Halperin and John Heilemann describe a difficult vetting process in which Christie’s team provided incomplete information about a host of potential red flags pertaining to his record.

1. A Justice Department IG’s report

2. A defamation lawsuit

3. Christie’s lobbying work

4. Christie’s brother

5. Steering contracts to donors/allies

6. Health and self-control issues

And seems he did not disclose all Romney’s team was asking for, and was often late! Read the whole story on the above “Christie Land Mines” at the Washington Post CLICK HERE TO READ MORE


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