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New Eyewitness: Cop Chased After Brown [VIDEO]

New Eyewitness: Cop Chased After Brown [VIDEO]

A new eyewitness who recorded footage of Michael Brown on her phone says he was chased down by officer Darren Wilson. Piaget Crenshaw has come forward with her account of the immediate events prior to Brown’s murder. “I knew the police shouldn’t have been chasing this young boy and firing at the same time,” she says. According to her, Wilson looked like he was trying to pull Brown into the police car. She said it “upset the officer” that Brown got away, and he began firing at him. By her account, when one of the bullets grazed Brown’s arm, he turned around and “then he was shot multiple times.” She described how after Brown was lying dead on the street, “Wilson looks baffled, like ‘What have I just done?’”

Meanwhile, a second account was phoned into a local radio station that is reportedly consistent with what Officer Wilson told police investigators. A woman named only as “Josie” described Brown as punching Wilson in the face and grabbing for his gun. When the policeman fired the first time, Brown taunted and rushed at him full speed, and then was fatally shot, the woman said. Autopsy results released on Monday did not find evidence of a struggle.


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