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Sharpton Puts Anti-Riot PSA on Rap Radio

Sharpton Puts Anti-Riot PSA on Rap RadioAl Sharpton is addressing the rioting and looting in Baltimore and is launching a public-service announcement campaign on hip-hop radio stations urging outraged young people not to resort to violence.

“I’ve talked to various people that own radio stations in this town, [and] I’ve… talked to various hip-hop artists that over the next 24 hours will be launching a drive saying that every brick thrown is a potential roadblock to justice for Fred Gray,”

Sharpton told reporters while he was in Baltimore on Tuesday afternoon. “We cannot do that.” According to a representative for Sharpton, the activist and MSNBC host has been in talks with rapper Sean “P. Diddy” Combs about signing on to the campaign. The PSA is set to kick off Wednesday.

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