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‘Are you Canadian?’ Indiana Trump supporter humiliates Ted Cruz [VIDEO]

Sen. Ted Cruz confronted a group of Donald Trump supporters while greeting voters in Marion, Indiana on Monday. The Republican presidential candidate stopped to personally debate one of the protesters, who were shouting “Lyin’ Ted” as he walked by. Cruz asked the man, who refused to identify himself, what he liked about Trump. When the man responded, “the wall,” Cruz fired back, “Hold on. He told the New York Times editorial board he’s not going to build the wall or deport anyone.” The man then shouted “Lyin’ Ted,” a name which Trump has used for Cruz on the campaign trail. “If I were Donald Trump, I wouldn’t have come over and talked to you,” Cruz said. “In fact, you know what I would’ve done, I would’ve told the folks over there, go over and punch those guys in the face. That’s what Donald does to protesters.”

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