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LIsten LIve and Rooster, me and yvonneih123 have been very good friends for a few years now….VERY GOOD FRIENDS. about a month ago…we were chatting and as we do sometimes we get kinda over the top sometimes and say dumb ass things to each other……And then we suffer… What happended that day was one of those days…….I got stupid and mentioned that lots of people in chat say banable things….like FUCKING CHATWHORE…… well,,,,didn’t some mod see it and put the ban on me….. And than the shit just excalated…
I am 73 fucking years old and don’t take no shit from anyone and that don’t help the situration….

You guys and your mods went overboad with this,,,,as did I. If someone had asked Evonnie about it im sure she would have said it was joke and to let it go……..
She is very carefull of running afaul of your guys because she is and old person also and enjoys the chatroom extremely….Being a good mod is very important to her life right now……Im sure you know thins and value her mod work extremely…..Well, I to have a lot of good friends and conversations in chat and I was a decent MOD also……I don’t care if I ever do it again….but heres the thing….
vonne and I are very much friends and need each other to be happy…..I know she is suffering due to my getting baned..
But she won’t speak up about it as she is afraid of explaining her personal feelings online. I on the other hand don’t give a shit. I really am hooked on that lady and wound not hurt her for any reason.

So, lets stop this dam thing and let me back in the rooms……my friends in their are many and im a good chatter when im not getting put down…..

If this continues,,,,i wouldn’t doubt that you could loose her also…. we are that close friends….

I’ll cool it and be on not so aurgumentative with you guys……When you get my age you will understand about not taking any shit from younger people…..I may me wrong at times but im fair and honest and a good chatter….

Bottomline…….give me and vonne a break and let us be friends in your chat rooms again……she will be much happier im sure….and so will I…… Let put this shit to bed and go back to good friendships……

Thanks for listening,

Geo aka,,,Michael Ribeiro in Granby Mass..

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