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Surgical Diva Memorial

Remembering Surgical Diva, Debs, Debbie, Miss n Dave – We are missin’ debs

Please leave your condolences in the comments and it will be published on the page shortly there after. The donation button on this page will go to help her family and is much appreciated. Thanks friends.

Don’t forget to MARK YOUR CALENDARS for Saturday night TONIGHT!! ….. An Evening Remembering SurgicalDiva starts at 6 PM et in the Loul Room And in lieu of sending flowers, DONATE – LNC Strong !!!! Thanks

surgical diva

How do we express our love and condolences for someone as wonderful and loving as Debs? Flowers are nice, but temporary. And her family and Steve (ie wsk) have many unforeseen medical and funeral expenses. Debs would want us to watch over them. Should if you choose, please donate as little or as much as you feel appropriate. LNC Family STRONG.

April 18, 2014

From: Twoon

Surgicaldiva, you were loved by so many here on earth. We will all miss you very much. I feel blessed to have known you. You were a little bossy here on earth, please be nice and don’t boss to much up in heaven. This summer we were going to get together to meet for the first time, we were going to wear our LNC T-shirts and surprise everybody with a picture. Someday you will meet in heaven.I am happy knowing I have you as a guardian angel watching over me.

From: veeinthekyes

Missing My Sister And Best Friend

One morning I found you in eternal sleep;
I tried to wake you as I began to weep,
But all my pleas you could not hear;
Oh if I could have only kept you near,
Away from the voices of those who went before,
Who beckoned you to come to that distant shore.

I find it so very hard to believe
That you have gone and I must grieve;
I call out your name — you answer not,
And I look for you in every familiar spot.
Everything seems so strange and surreal,
I ask everyday is it a dream or real?

Where are the soft brown eyes of affection?
Where is the laughter and talk of childhood reflection?
Where is the loving care when I was sick or sad?
Where is the generous soul for which I was glad?
Where is the forgiving and understanding heart?
Where are the bonds that were there from the start?

I miss all the little ways you showed you cared,
For there were so many good moments we shared;
Looking back on my life’s assorted scenes,
I realized you taught me what love truly means;
You were my trusted confidante and best friend,
On whose loving support I could always depend.

I look at your smiling face in all my photos;
Memories flood my mind as I touch the mementos
From the happy times you and I have had,
But now these bring tears and make me sad;
For the time together went by in a wink,
Life was not as long as we’d like to think.

Sometimes memories bring comfort and make me smile,
But there are times when grief takes over for a while;
Friends offer gentle words and prayers to console,
And tell me what has happened to your loving soul;
Can it be true what they say of time healing grief?
Is it enough when they say death has given you relief?

Can we believe what others say of a better place,
Where our beloved ones rest in God’s warm embrace?
I should be happy you’re free of pain and sorrow,
And rejoice that you’ll always have tomorrow.
How can I then be so heartbroken and selfishly cry,
Return to me from that peaceful place where you lie!”

Now I look down at your name on a cold hard stone
That says little of the loving light you have shone;
It tells nothing of the wonderful person you were,
And only serves to remind me of the painful loss I endure;
But I know your kind soul wants no tears or pain,
Instead you’d want warm memories and love to remain.

Although I cry and stand grief-stricken by your grave,
I promise not to forget the loving memories you gave;
But still I miss you so very much my sister dear,
And your caring words I once again long to hear;
My heart’s only solace is one day I will see you as before,
Beckoning me to come join you on that white distant shore.

From: tomvonct


You made a difference in the lives of many here at LNC, you will be missed. You are an angel, you earned your wings and I think you are with your beloved Dave. may you always be happy.

From: WonderPuppy

Dearest SurgicalDiva (Debs)
We loved you in the chatroom.
funny how we can sometimes
get to know a person better
when we have never met face
to face. Also, will you
please relate to God that I
NEVER peed on you, out of
fear. Please tell God that
you were loved by us all in
the rockinroosters chatroom
you touched us, and for one
I feel like I touched you
too, in some small way.

With love,

From: LBinTexas

Oh my funny, headstrong and so caring friend, how I miss you. You brought fun, life and a sense of purpose to our lives here at LNC. I will so miss watching trials with you and bopping the trolls over their heads. I will miss HONKING the room, my wonderful Ba Donk A Donk Sista. I will miss our long phone conversations, that funny raspy laugh of yours. You have made me a better person Debbie. Please trust me when I say, I will do whatever I can to insure those you love are supported.

Save me a cloud in Heaven my dear friend. You will never be forgotten.

From: Craig

I will miss your snarky, but always well meant chat. Deb’s aka
‘The Sweetness That is Surgical Diva”, You were a friend and always made me laugh, I will remember you always.Bye for now little one. I have faith your dancing with Dave.

From: Summerbreeze

Hey Surgicaldiva,

We always started out our greeting each other in the chatroom with a loving “eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!” I enjoyed the time I spent online getting to know you, and how we were able to engage in lots of playful banter back and forth with each other. It was so much fun, but then when the discussions were serious, I would read the words you typed and knew they came from your honest feelings. I will miss seeing you in the chatrooms, Debbie, and I will always remember the name SurgicalDiva. Whenever I see it somewhere, you will be in my thoughts. The last tweet message you sent to me was just a couple months ago:

“debbie stover ‏@surgicaldiva1 Feb 4

@Summerbreeze_ eeeeeeeeeeeeeek my smart sexy friend”

Rest, be at peace, and know you will be remembered and thought of, often.

Love to you from your friend, Summerbreeze of JTV and of LNC.

From: Crano

Sad to see Diva has gone on ahead. She was always kind and tolerant of me and would gently push me back onto the right path when I was ranting. Kwaheri, msichana, tutuanana wewe.

From: Mom-in-FL

Deb, you are one of a kind and will be remembered forever! You blew into our lives like a fierce wind and left us just as abruptly. But you have left your mark in our hearts and in our chatroom. I miss your humor, your wit, your views, your kindness, your way with words (LOL)… I miss YOU! We will never forget you, Deb! I know you are a star up in the sky watching over us! <3

Perhaps they are not the stars, but rather openings in Heaven where the love of our lost ones pours through and shines down upon us to let us know they are happy. ~Author Unknown

From: PMorland

Surgicaldiva you will be missed. I was always happiest when you were in our chat room. You always brought wisdom, humor and love to the room. I will miss you but you will always be in my thoughts and prayers

From: Winky Dink

Dear Debs, I’ve been crying on and off for two days, on hearing about your passing, and cuz i beleive in mystical thimngs, I am SURE you can look down at us, trying to cement forever in our minds your divine character, smart like “two foxes” wisdom, Compassion, and selfless love that Debby you embodied.

You had a sarcasm that bit hard ‘cuz it was full of unpleasant “truth-to-POWER”, in the valiant way Crusaders defy unjust leaders amd systems, you in a “Country Way” made us all see the light!

Debby Stover, a Mom, Grandmom, daughter, and so much more, in my Heart and Head you’ll forever be enshrined a special place…right next to my Med. MJ Stash Jar and a slice of Pizza I’m saving for later.

God rest your soul, and may all your sailings be smooth from here on, may your family and loved ones bask in the knowledge that you were so deeply loved by many. — and for those who you pissed off, you can drop dead, ‘cuz you prolly deserved it!

From: Joplin_survives

I remember what seems like such a long time ago when you were “missndave” and you spent so much time with us still grieving for your “liberal redneck” that we could tell you loved so much. Debra you were so often the life of the party and I will miss you so much. You were brash and straightforward with a sense of humor, we shared a lot in common you and I both of us living rural lives and sharing a lot of laughs together. I know that you are spiritually with the man you missed so much now, I hope he continues to take good care of you, I know he will. You will be remembered Deb, our online family will not be the same without you but one thing I know, you wouldn’t want us to carry on to much about it. So just let me say that you have my love, Dave has my envy, and the world has lost a special caring soul. Rest in peace my fellow Liberal Redneck and keep them in line up there <3

From: LiveOne

Dearest Diva,

Thanks for being you and bringing your amazing attitude and personality to the chatroom. You were always there and always wanted to help anyway you could, even when I told you it’s not necessary to go trolling for us! (no trolling!) I never did get that MRI you said I should get but it was a hell of a lot of fun teasing you about it. That’s when I learned how kind and funny you were and why people on LNC loved you so dearly. I will miss you debs and I know everyone you came in contact with was touched by your giving, kind, and snarky self. We will fight the good fight down here on earth, you hold the fort up there with Dave. Much love and my condolences to your family. Everyone is missndebs so much. xoxoxo

There are so many condolences coming in, more are now below in the comments so it’s faster to post. – Missndebs

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