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Tillerson: U.S. Will Have An Open-Ended Military Presence In Syria

January 18th 2018

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said Wednesday that 2,000 U.S. troops will remain in Syria, as there are “strategic threats” to the United States beyond the Islamic State. “Iran has dramatically strengthened its presence in Syria through its position in Syria, Iran is in a stronger position to extend its track record of...
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235 Killed In Bombing, Ambush Attack At Mosque In Egypt

November 24th 2017

At least 235 people were killed and more than 100 others were injured on Friday in a bomb and gun attack on a mosque in Egypt. The attack reportedly occurred as prayers were ongoing at a mosque in Al Rawdah in Egypt’s North Sinai province. The Associated Press reports that gunmen, in off-road vehicles,...
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Trump Blames Chuck Schumer For NYC Terror Attack

November 1st 2017

President Trump on Wednesday blamed Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer for suspected NYC terrorist Sayfullo Saipov’s entry into the United States. “The terrorist came into our country through what is called the ‘Diversity Visa Lottery Program,’ a Chuck Schumer beauty. I want merit based,” the president wrote on Twitter. Saipov is an Uzbekistan national...
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New York Attacker Reportedly Bragged About Deadly Rampage In Hospital

November 1st 2017

The perpetrator of Tuesday’s deadly truck attack in New York City was inspired by Islamic State propaganda, law enforcement officials said. Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov, 29, is accused of driving a rental truck into pedestrians on a bike path in lower Manhattan, and a senior official briefed on the investigation said he left an Arabic-language...
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Trump: New Afghanistan Strategy Is ‘Killing Terrorists,’ Not ‘Nation-Building’

August 22nd 2017

President Donald Trump on Monday said the United States’ new approach to the war in Afghanistan does not amount to “nation-building,” but rather “killing terrorists.” He said U.S. support for Afghanistan is “not a blank check,” and acknowledged his recent skepticism of increased involvement in the Middle Eastern nation. “My original instinct was to...
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Barcelona: Man Shot Dead Wearing Bomb Belt In Search For Key Suspect

August 21st 2017

A man who appeared to be wearing an explosive belt was shot and killed by police in Subirats, an area west of Barcelona, on Monday, BBC News reported. The police confirmed earlier that they have been searching for Younes Abouyaaqoub, 22, who is suspected of driving a van into a crowd in Barcelona last...
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Security Heightened In Australia After Airplane Bomb Plot Foiled

July 31st 2017

Airports in Australia are taking extra precaution checking baggage, following law enforcement’s discovery of a terrorist plot to bring down an airplane. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull on Sunday said the plan had been disrupted, but would not comment on newspaper reports that Islamic extremists had been wanting to make a homemade bomb disguised as...
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Iraq Declares ISIS Caliphate ‘Has Fallen,’ Victory in Mosul

June 29th 2017

The Iraqi government has declared the end of ISIS’s rule in Mosul after recapturing the remains of the historic Grand al-Nuri Mosque in the terror group’s de facto capital in the country. “Their fictitious state has fallen,” said Iraqi military spokesman Brig. Gen. Yahya Rasool. The victory marks the end of more than eight...
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U.S. To Send 4,000 More Troops To Afghanistan

June 16th 2017

The U.S. is planning to send almost 4,000 additional troops to Afghanistan, according to a Trump administration official. Defense Secretary James Mattis could announce the deployment—the largest so far under President Donald Trump—as early as next week. The military’s top commander in Afghanistan has said he needs more forces to fight a reinvigorated Taliban...
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Russia Claims It Killed ISIS Leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi Outside Raqqa

June 16th 2017

The Russian Defense Ministry said Friday that Russian airstrikes outside the Islamic State’s de facto capital Raqqa, Syria, on May 28 are believed to have killed ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, along with dozens of other high-ranking and midlevel ISIS commanders. “According to information that is being checked through various channels, Islamic State leader...
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Iran Foreign Minister: Trump’s Condolences Are ‘Repugnant’

June 8th 2017

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif on Thursday rejected President Trump’s condolences for the deadly terror attacks in Tehran, calling his words “repugnant.” Trump on Wednesday said he was praying for the victims of the attacks on Iran’s parliament and the Ayatollah Khomeini’s mausoleum, but then added that “states that sponsor terrorism risk falling...
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ISIS Claims Attack on Khomeini’s Tomb, Iran’s Parliament In Tehran

June 7th 2017

The Islamic State claimed responsibility Wednesday for simultaneous attacks at Iran’s parliament building and the tomb of the Islamic republic’s revolutionary founder, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini. The deadly assaults marked what appeared to be ISIS’ first attacks inside Iran. State TV reported that four assailants stormed into the parliament building, and one blew himself up...
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Notre Dame Assailant Shouted ‘This Is for Syria’ While Rushing Officer

June 6th 2017

French Interior Minister Gérard Collomb said the man who attacked an officer with a hammer outside the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris on Tuesday shouted “this is for Syria” during the episode. Police shot the man in the chest while the attacked officer sustained minor injuries, officials have said. The situation has since been contained...
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British Police Name Third London Attacker: Youssef Zaghba

June 6th 2017

British police have identified the third London Bridge attacker—a 22-year-old named Youssef Zaghba, who was not known to authorities. Zaghba, one of three men killed by police following the attack, was Italian and of Moroccan descent. He lived in East London. Officials say Zaghba, Khuram Shazad Butt, and Rachid Redouane killed seven people and...
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Syrian Kurdish-Led Forces Begin Offensive To Take Raqqa From ISIS

June 6th 2017

On Tuesday, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) alliance of Kurds and Arabs announced the start of an offensive to capture Raqqa from the Islamic State, which considers the Syrian city the capital of its “caliphate.” Talal Sillo, spokesman for the Kurdish-led forces, told reporters that the SDF is working in coordination with U.S. air...
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ISIS Claims Responsibility For London Attack

June 5th 2017

The Islamic State is claiming responsibility for the Saturday night attacks in London that left seven people dead and 48 wounded. The official ISIS news agency posted a message Sunday claiming that a “detachment of Islamic State fighters carried out the London attacks yesterday,” the SITE Intelligence Group reports, including running into pedestrians on...
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Ice-Cream Shop Bombing Leaves 15 Dead in Baghdad

May 30th 2017

Fifteen people were killed and an additional 47 injured early Tuesday after a car bomb detonated outside an ice cream shop in central Baghdad. The Islamic State terror group claimed responsibility for the attack, which reportedly involved a remotely detonated device inside a car. The attack occurred just after midnight, when many families head...
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McCain: Vladimir Putin a Bigger Threat Than ISIS [VIDEO]

May 29th 2017

Senator John McCain said on Monday that he believes Russian President Vladimir Putin is a better threat to global security than ISIS. McCain said: “I think he is the premier and most important threat.” He continued, explaining that while ISIS “can do terrible things and I worry a lot about what is happening with...
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U.K. Cuts Off U.S. From Manchester Attack Intel Over Leaks

May 25th 2017

U.K. officials have stopped sharing information related to Monday night’s Manchester bombing with their U.S. counterparts after repeated leaks to the American media, the BBC reports. Crime-scene photos showing blood from the victims of the attack were published in The New York Times, enraging British authorities. The name of the suspected bomber, Salman Abedi,...
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U.K. Raises Threat Level To ‘Critical’ Following Manchester Attack

May 23rd 2017

The U.K. has increased its terrorist threat level to the highest possible “critical” for the first time in a decade, British Prime Minister Theresa May announced Tuesday. The designation means a terror attack is considered “imminent” and allows for military personnel to be deployed instead of police officers at public events. The decision comes...
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Trump Revealed Highly Classified Info to Russian Foreign Minister & Ambassador

May 15th 2017

According to the Washington Post Trump revealed highly classified information to Russian foreign minister and ambassador when he met with them in the oval office last week, a day after firing FBI Director Comey. President Trump revealed highly classified information to the Russian foreign minister and ambassador in a White House meeting last week,...
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BREAKING NEWS: US Drops ‘Mother Of All Bombs’ In Afghanistan

April 13th 2017

CLICK HERE TO WATCH LIVE – The U.S. on Thursday dropped its largest non-nuclear bomb in Afghanistan on Thursday, CNN reported. The 21,000-pound bomb, dubbed the “mother of all bombs” or MOAB, was dropped in eastern Afghanistan to target ISIS tunnels, according to CNN. The official name of the weapon is the massive ordinance...
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ISIS Gunmen Dressed as Doctors Attack Kabul Military Hospital

March 8th 2017

The Islamic State terror group has claimed responsibility for a Wednesday attack that has so far killed 30 people and injured at least 50 more at a Kabul military hospital in the Afghan capital’s heavily guarded diplomatic zone. Gunmen reportedly disguised as doctors in white lab coats took positions throughout the facility before launching...
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Iraqi Forces Capture Mosul Airport From ISIS, Storm Military Base

February 23rd 2017

On Thursday, Iraqi’s militarized federal police launched an attack to seize Mosul’s airport from the Islamic State while Iraqi special forces entered the sprawling Ghazlani military base nearby. The attack began with U.S.-led airstrikes overnight, followed by a coordinated assault on the airport, and Iraqi forces have captured the runway and are fighting scattered...
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Massive Rally In Iran Against Donald Trump Chanting ‘Death To America’

February 10th 2017

Hundreds of thousands of Iranians rallied on Friday to swear allegiance to the clerical establishment following U.S. President Donald Trump’s warning that he had put the Islamic Republic “on notice”, state TV reported. On the anniversary of Iran’s 1979 Islamic Revolution, which toppled the U.S.-backed shah, marchers including hundreds of military personnel and policemen...
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French Cop Kills Machete-Wielding Attacker At The Louvre [VIDEO]

February 3rd 2017

A machete-wielding man and carrying two bags tried to enter the gift shop under the Paris Louvre museum, attacked one of the soldiers who told him he couldn’t enter, and yelled “Allahu Akbar” (God is great) before a soldier opened fire and shot him five times, including once in the abdomen Friday morning. “It...
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Turkey Nightclub Attack Suspect Confesses [VIDEO]

January 17th 2017

The suspected shooter in the New Year’s Eve attack on an upscale nightclub in Istanbul was captured late Monday night and then reportedly confessed to his actions. Abdulkadir Masharipov, reported to be from Uzbekistan, appears in photos posted by Turkish state media with a heavily bruised face. Masharipov, who was detained in the Esenyurt...
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4 Dead in Jerusalem Truck Attack [VIDEO]

January 8th 2017

At least four people were killed and more than a dozen others were injured in a truck attack in Jerusalem on Sunday, Israeli officials said. A spokesperson for Israel’s foreign press described it as a “possible terrorist attack” which hit soldiers as they were getting off of a bus. The perpetrator was then shot....
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ISIS Claims Deadly Istanbul Nightclub Attack [VIDEO]

January 2nd 2017

ISIS claimed responsibility Monday morning for a deadly New Year’s Eve gun attack on Istanbul’s popular Reina nightclub, seeming to confirm the assessment of Turkish and U.S. intelligence officials. Turkish police have reportedly detained eight people in connection with the attack, although the gunman — who killed 39 people including 25 foreigners — is...
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Italian Police Kill Berlin Market Attack Suspect Anis Amri In Milan

December 23rd 2016

Police in Milan have shot and killed Anis Amri, the Tunisian man believed to have carried out the deadly truck attack on a Christmas market in Berlin on Monday, Italian Interior Minister Marco Minniti said Friday morning. “The person who was killed, there is no doubt that he is Anis Amri,” Minniti said, confirming...
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